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“The sunny side of songwriting”



TheGreatComplotto radio

“take an assortiment of italian songwriters (Pino Daniele, E.Bennato, Ivano Fossati) add a little raggae and a pinch of blues, shake well and voilà: you have Tito Esposito”



Discheria Elrocco

“this is up bit music and excellent meter”


The Webzine

“here we have very fine songs of the italian singer-songwriter style that we haven't heard in a long while



“ a disc that everyone can agree on, I would say. Because Tito Esposito really knows italian songwriting.



October 23, 2015

Tito Esposito and The Chicken Raiders Perform @Teatro Traetta, Bitonto

Italian Blues Challenge

Live in Torino@ Birra Ceca Pub82

October 02, 2015

'Tito and The Chicken Raiders perform "Georgia Line" in Torino 

Enrique Samson photographer

May 14, 2015

"Earlier this year I received an email from Italy. Tito Esposito was traveling to Atlanta to play at the Chicken Raid Festival, tour the city's most iconic blues venues, and record. His rep wanted me to shoot his album cover and publicity photos performing in the Southern USA. Now that I can share, I wanted to share them with you..."

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